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Launch 3 Telecom Central Office

Launch 3 Telecom performs a variety of services for Central Office such as surplus distribution, installation, repair, and decommissioning of equipment. Central Office refers to an area that subscriber home and business lines are connected on a local loop. This area has telephone switches to switch calls locally or to a long-distance carrier office. Launch 3 Telecom boasts a database of thousands of Alcatel-Lucent, Tellabs, and other manufacturers of Central Office products. The type of equipment ranges in wireless, DACS, Switches, Broadband CMTS, Channel Banks, Optical Transceivers, Transmissions, and Multiplexers.

Uptime, network integrity, equipment compatibility and natural disaster survivability is extremely importance for equipment installed in a Central Office. Firm environmental and physical packaging requirements are made by service providers for manufacturers to certify that switches and other central office equipment always continue to work properly. We provide engineering, furnish and installation services to our customers within the Central Office, Data Center, Mobile Telephone Switching Office and Cell Site environments. We ensure your investment in your network is safeguarded with the inclusion of a lengthy warranty.

We can work with you to find any part to fit your Central Office needs. Contact us today to request a part number or for help deciding what you need.

Central Office- Top Products and Systems

Lucent ADC Telect AFC Siemens EWSD