About Launch 3 Telecom

Launch 3 Telecom is a full service, global supplier and distributor of telecommunications supplies and products. Over 25,000 customers worldwide trust Launch 3 to provide quality wireless telecom equipment, at great prices with superior customer service.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Launch 3 offers a full line of wireless telecom consumables including stackable snap-ins, angle adapters, grommets and more. Our best-in-class manufacturing facilities allow us to provide superior products at better prices than our competition. In addition, Launch 3 offers a one year warranty on all of our products.

Secondary Supplier

Launch 3 specializes in providing and procuring surplus or end of life equipment to thousands of customers. We stock and source millions of parts, giving our clients easy access to equipment as needed, with little to no lead times.

Asset Recovery

Launch 3 is one of the country’s top purchasers of wireless telecom equipment. We may purchase, recycle or agree to sell your overstocked or legacy system on consignment.