RBS 6301 by Ericsson

Ericsson RBS 6301

The Ericsson RBS 6301 is a mounted outdoor main-unit for main-remote results compactly built to be located on a wall or pole. It is improved to deliver high radio performance for capable cell planning of indoor and outdoor applications All 6301 units are constructed based on the same adaptable outdoor enclosure.

The unit concept is structured to sustain a combination of all technologies. The concern of network expansion becomes less dire and therefore becomes a safe investment decision. It is convenient that base band and RRU capacity can be added as it is demanded. Similar to other units in the RBS 6000 family, the RBS 6301 also offers a common transport network solution that supports a wide range of technologies.

Moreover, it reduces power consumption and system disruptions. Up to twelve Remote Radio Units can be connected to a Main Unit to meet site requirements. The small units are simply moved to sites where space and access are pivotal matters.