RBS 6201 by Ericsson

Ericsson RBS 6201

The Ericsson RBS 6201 is an indoor macro based station and is a member of the RBS 6000 family designed to meet and solve all the increasingly complex issues operators face today. The unit offers coverage for GSM, WCDMA and LTE technology.

The RBS 6201 provides a basic design integrating large capacity use into one cabinet. The system holds enough space for an additional 3U of transport equipment and supports technologies such as native IP, Ethernet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and PDH/SDH. The layout of the unit is built for two radio shelves, transport and supporting equipment, and a power supply allowing on demand use.

The RBS 6201 is perfect for both modernization and for the establishment of a new site. It has a site and network management system that is tightly integrated into one site. The site’s power control, transport control, and radio network are all controlled by a lone user interface. Its power supply is built to ensure that the exact amount of power needed is provided.