RBS 6101 by Ericsson

Ericsson RBS 6101

The Ericsson RBS 6101 is a LTE eNodeB small outdoor base station that was designed with one radio shelf to fit up to 6 Radio Units. This piece of equipment is perfect for ground level and rooftop installations. The weather-proof cabinet and combined climate control system guard the electronics against potential damage as well as retain the cabinet within operating limits. It is also designed using the field-proven performance of Ericsson LTE platforms.

Some of the major benefits of the system are the use of the outdoor cabinet enabling the unit to withstand weather conditions and maintain climate control. This guards the electronics operational and secured from potential hazards. The unit is also enabled with an intelligent power system geared for the optimal traffic load and requiring minimal maintenance and power consumption.

The unit is accommodating to 3GPP criteria and supports the frequency bands for LTE deployments. It was meant to progress data capacity and performance and effortlessly connects to a wide range of backhaul transport networks. This smart base station keeps operators informed in the event of antenna or transmission line failures.