Mini-Link TN by Ericsson

Ericsson Mini-Link TN

The Ericsson Mini-Link TN is a microwave transmission node built for managing single hops, access sites, and advanced hub sites for large networks. This makes this system beneficial for boosting traffic accumulation and capacity.
This system is used in a variety of ways such as the rollout or upgrading of mobile backhaul networks, fixed broadband over microwave, and broadcasting as well as national security.
Some of the many benefits of the system include high capacity that meets LTE capability and boosts current links by threefold. The handling of the IP network is successfully performed to address evolving changes. It supports carrier grade networks with Native Ethernet and carrier-grade QoS for Ethernet, IP, MPLS and sync distribution in packet networks. Additionally, this is a cost-effective route for addressing growing network and capacity needs through easy remote upgrades.