Mini-Link LH by Ericsson

Ericsson Mini-Link LH

The Ericsson Mini-Link LH is an Ethernet Trunk Radio with High Microwave capacities for your network evolution to all-IP. The system is comprised of a combination of high capacity Ethernet switch and Carrier Grade Quality of Service. This system offers Gigabit capacities over one antenna. This makes it especially useful for LTE and the evolution to all-IP. The Adaptive Modulation facilitates noticeably higher average traffic capacity than the average SDH trunk systems as well as sustaining integrated short haul proficiency.
Some of the many benefits for the system include providing the best spectrum efficiency to allow as much as 4 Gbps of data to be transferred in as little as 4 x 56 MHz bandwidth frequency. It can be used in a variety of different was such as Fixed Broadband over microwave, Private Communication Networks, as well as rolling out and evolving mobile backhaul networks.