MHL 3000 by Ericsson

Ericsson MHL 3000

The Marconi MHL 3000 is a 100 Gbit/s-ready multi-reach optical DWDM platform. It is built with a 'plug and play' design for efficient network response and capability of providing protocol independent transport of SDH/SONET and Ethernet.
The benefits of this system include full implementation of Optical Transport Networking and network flexibility with Wavelength Switches nodes for improved network connectivity and service provisioning. It also offers easy preparation with Optical planner for enhanced bandwidth, resources and optical parameters. It also allows for dynamic network regulation and remote service provision to diminish ownership costs. In addition, it comes with end-to-end monitoring and an extensive range of answers for router-to-router applications, such as 40G/100G transmission based on DPSK and RZ-DQPSK.