OS9800 by Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent OS9800

The Alcatel-Lucent OS9800 is a product that can be used in an enterprise core, data center, or wiring closet. It is used for applications that require a large port density. It is a high performance product with 18 10-Gigabit Ethernet chassis LAN switches which is the largest capacity product out of all the OS9000 family. The OS9800 is built for smart continuous switching applications. It contains two center slots created for CMMs allowing redundant configurations, with 16 additional slots for network interface modules. The product also offers power-over-Ethernet to support IP phones, WLAN access points and video cameras.
The main functions of the CMM are active standby resiliency for system control and active redundancy for the switching fabric. The purpose for the 16 slots is to provide support for up to 768 GigE ports or 96 10 GigE ports. Sub-components of the product, such as the Network interface cards and power supply units are compatible with all other OS9800s product, lowering its cost for spares and ownership. The OS9800 assists the needs of converged network with its high availability, wire-speed performance, high density GigE and 10GigE, and improved network response time.