9396 by Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent 9396

The 9396 d2U NodeB allows an economical entrance into the UMTS market for locations where site selections are challenging. This large capacity and tremendously flexible Node B platform addresses a variety of network deployment and growth developments such as multi-band deployments. It is specifically useful for fast integration in an existing 2G/3G base station area. A single cabinet would be capable of supporting cases such as 1900 and 850 MHz carriers simultaneously.

The structure of the unit is built to be compact with high density. It is only 2 rack units high and fits into a standard 19" rack. They are also built to be functional in either an indoor or outdoor environment. This comes with a variety of options to be stored in base station facility space, wall mounts, and pole mounts.

Alcatel-Lucent acquired Nortel\'s UMTS radio access business (UTRAN) and related assets in late 2006, making Alcatel-Lucent one of the world\'s largest suppliers of UMTS radio access solution.