5ESS by Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS

The Lucent 5ESS Class 5 Switch manufactured by Lucent Technologies is one of the most popular in the world and at one point serviced half of all U.S. telephone lines. The Lucent 5ESS was most recently marketed under the Alcatel-Lucent brand. This digital central office telephone circuit switching system is used by many telecommunications service providers.

It supports a multitude of applications that can be configured to coexist with each other thereby permitting operators to implement different applications more cost-effectively on just one switch instead of multiple switches. The same 5ESS Switch can concurrently address Wireless, Local-Toll, Intelligent Network (IN), and Gateway Exchange applications. Supporting both wireless and wireline operations, it has a high reliable, modular, and standards-compliant design.

The 5ESS has three main kinds of Module which are the AM, CM, and SM. The Administrative Module contains the central computers. The Communications Module is the central time-divided switch of the system. The Switching Module is used in the majority of equipment.

The Switching Module handles a large quantity of telephone lines, trunks, and combination of the two. Each of them has their own processors which perform most call handling processes through their own memory boards.