5100 CMS by Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent 5100 CMS

Alcatel Lucent's 5100 Converged Messaging System (CMS) - used by numerous service providers - provides the ability to deliver and receive messages over any type of device. The system has carrier-grade mixed-media messaging services that cover all aspects, including voice, fax, text, picture, video, and email. A multitude of different technologies are used to support this type of device-to-device communication. The 5100 CMS uses wireline, wireless, and IP network technology.

This messaging system's features include video mail, text to speech, and multiple user access. This allows quick enhancement of pre-existing technology as well as the advancement of new ideas for the future. Other features this system contains are a DTMF telephony user interface and Family mailbox, integrated e-mail address, and extended absence greeting. These features make costs decrease. The 5100 CMS supports 10,000 IPv6/6000 IPv4 VoIP sessions (video disabled), 000 IPv6/3000 IPv4 VoIP sessions (video enabled), and up to 6000 E1/5760 T1 TDM ports. Overall, this system has extremely versatile architecture, allowing communication between multiple types of devices.