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Powerwave P90-16-XLH-RR
Powerwave > Antennas > P90-16-XLH-RR
Part: P90-16-XLH-RR
Manufacturer: Powerwave

Description: Dual Broadband Antennas

Powerwave P90-16-XLH-RR
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Available Datasheets:
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Powerwave P90-16-XLH-RR

Type: Dual Broadband Antennas
Polarization: Dual Linear ±45°
Frequency band (MHz): 698-894, 1710-2170
Horizontal Beam Width: 90, 90
Gain (dBi/dBd): 16.1/14.0 16.3/14.2
Tilt: 0-7, 0-8
Length: 96”

CAGE Code: 62CP6